Sports Services




Sports Services



In Yıldırım Bayezid Campus, the indoor sports hall with an area of 3.645m² is at the service of our students. At the same time, we have an astro turf football pitch in our campus.


Our primary services are to organize various competitions and sports tournaments in cooperation with the relevant institutions in order to ensure that the sports facilities established on the campus and the sports infrastructure of the city are used for this purpose, to ensure that our students and staff take part in sports activities effectively, to provide expert staff for conscious sports, universities ensuring participation in international competitions.

Basketball, volleyball, football, futsal, swimming, table tennis, tennis, wrestling, orienteering teams have been formed at our university. These teams formed by our students successfully represent our University in the Turkish Championships.

At the same time, activities such as cycling, trekking, archery, and sports climbing are carried out at our University. Furthermore, with the protocol signed between our University and Yıldırım Municipality, our students and staff benefit from the sports complexes of Yıldırım Municipality with a discounted fee. Click on the link for discounted sports complexes.




















Our Sports Goal



• To encourage sports in order for our students to make positive use of their free time and to protect their physical and mental health, in addition to their educational and scientific studies,

• To create a sports club consisting of many branches that will represent our university at a high level,

• Participating in local, national and international tournaments and competitions,

• Organizing competitions by creating competent teams in each branch,

• To expand the studies in this field by cooperating with domestic and foreign organizations,

• Enabling our students to participate in competitions and matches on behalf of our university,

• To ensure that all sports facilities and materials of our university are used from a single source and that the studies are managed from a centralized way in a planned manner.









Unit Location:



Yıldırım Bayezid Campus Fitness Center


Lecturer Dr. Canan BASTIK

Communication: 224 300 36 25


Lecturer Yahya YILDIRIM

Communication: 224 300 36 53