General Information

Bursa Technical University was founded as the second state university in Bursa in accordance with the decree of the Council of Ministers, which was published in the official gazette on 21.07.2010 with the number 27648. The university continues its educational activities with 6 faculties, 1 institute and a school of foreign languages.

Bursa Technical University is a dynamic university that provides high quality education services to its students with its well-equipped, pioneering and highly motivated academic staff.

Bursa Technical University, which ranked first in Turkey with 23 projects in the 2244 Industry PhD Program Support, structures the education, training and research strategy that our country needs, especially in technical fields, in accordance with the thematic university understanding.

Bursa Technical University, which has been determined as the university specializing in the field of "Robots and Intelligent Systems" by YÖK and is among the most Entrepreneurial and Innovative Universities in Turkey, is the youngest university among the outstanding state universities that have fully filled their quotas by opening the departments that are in high demand in a controlled manner.

There is an English preparatory class at our university. With the high-level English education program provided in our preparatory classes with the support of foreign instructors, it is aimed that the students improve their foreign language knowledge and skills so that they will be able to follow and interpret the academic developments and express themselves in the professional field in the best way possible. 

Bursa Technical University provides students with opportunities such as career planning support in which they can benefit from technical trips and internship opportunities towards the industry, entrepreneurship, joint training programs with foreign universities and international students exchange programs throughout the undergraduate education. Students graduate after having spent one term out of eight with practice in either in contracted companies in the sector with the Vocational Education Program in Business (İMEP) or in the university’s laboratories.

Bursa Technical University continues to progress decisively and rapidly towards becoming a modern science centre that carries out education and R&D studies according to the needs of the industry, whose graduates are highly preferred, and which has become a brand in the fields it provides education and produces solutions.

Our vision is to be an outstanding university that is a pioneer in education, research and entrepreneurship, directs science and technology with the individuals it educates and the values it produces.
Bursa Technical University is an innovative university that adopts research and entrepreneurship-oriented learning, produces and disseminates information and technology for humanity and nature, and adheres to ethical values.
Our Values
  • Innovative
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Independency
  • Critical Thinking
  • Productivity
  • Participation
  • Sharing
  • Environmental Sensitivity
  • Social Sensitivity