General Information


Bursa Technical University was founded as the second state university in Bursa in accordance with the decree of the Council of Ministers, which was published in the official gazette on 21.07.2010 with the number 27648.

The university has 6 faculties, 2 institutes and a schoool of foreign languages. There is an academic preparatory class which gives education in  the English language on a high level. The education language of the  following courses after the preparatory class are 30% in English.


Our vision is to become a global university who meet the expectations of its partners regarding knowledge, technology, social and artistic value production and of making these values useable.


According to our mission we aim to educate our students so they can produce research, knowledge, technology, social and artistic value and  develop the skill to apply what they have produced to real life and in this way become individuals who can shape the future.

Our Values

  • Accessibility
  • Transparency
  • Independency
  • Honesty
  • Respect for human dignity
  • Efficiency and competence
  • Effective, Qualified and Solution oriented service
  • Reliability
  • Excellence
  • Objectivity
  • Accuracy and stability
  • Participation
  • Respect for different ideas
  • Productivity
  • Innovative and open for improvement