BTU Emblem

Logo of Bursa Technical University


Creating Motive

The logo of Bursa Technical University was created with the inspiration from the urban fabric and the colors of Bursa city. The outermost circular form repeats itself inside the logo and in the upper part of the space between these two circles, the name of the university is written with small fonts. The silhouette of Uludağ exists in the lower part of the inner circle. The very light blue color above the mountain represents the sky and the color fades in the middle. The navy blue colored icon in the middle represents atom and energy. Moreover, the forms which exist in each spiral look like a human and these forms repeat themselves in certain intervals, representing synergy and unity.

The logo of Bursa Technical University was created by Tülay PALAZ in the guidance of Assistant Professor Mehtap SAĞOCAK.

When formed with PANTONE color system, the turquoise color of the logo becomes PANTONE 3135 C, R:0 G:148 B:179, the navy blue becomes PANTONE Reflex Blue C, R:0, G:34 B:149 and the light blue color of the sky becomes PANTONE Process Blue C, R:0 G:136 B:206.

Our Logo


R: 0 G: 34 B: 149

R: 0 G: 148 B: 179

R: 0 G: 136 B: 206


C: 100 M:89 Y: 0 K: 0

C:100 M:0 Y:20 K:0

C: 100 M: 13 Y: 1 K: 2


The font of the writing inside the logo is Klavika.

Font, mountain and the frame must be black, middle must be gray in a black printing.



According to its application field, logo will be used by calculating the measurements below.