Rector's Message

Dear Students,

Bursa Technical University (BTU) is a dynamic university with high education quality like you young people. Our staff, consisting of wellequipped, pioneering and highly motivated academicians who have been trained in different university schools in the country and abroad, works to provide you with an up-to-date and qualified education. Bursa, which hosts a wide variety of industrial establishments with its 18 organized industrial zones, provides a practical education and research environment for our students and a high employment rate for our graduates.

BTU structures the education-training and research strategy that our country needs, especially in technical fields, according to the thematic university concept. Bursa Technical University is proud to be selected as a university to specialize in "Robots and Intelligent Systems" by YÖK and to be among the outstanding state universities that fully fill their quotas by opening the departments that are in high demand in a controlled manner. With an average of 19 students per faculty member, BTU offers you a special educational environment.

Our rich laboratories, consisting of state-of-theart devices and equipment, not only respond to the needs of the industry but also accelerate the participation of distinguished scientists among us by gaining the appreciation of the academic circles with numerous projects. Our faculty members are expanding day by day, and our fields of education and research are diversified and enriched with new departments. BTU offers you a unique research environment with its modern laboratory and scientific facilities.

Our School of Foreign Languages has a highly qualified and distinguished teaching staff. Our native English speaking instructors make up at least one third of our total staff. Our aim is for our students to learn English fully at the end of a one-year preparatory education.

During their undergraduate education, our students benefit from opportunities such as technical trips to the industry, internship, career planning support, entrepreneurship, joint education programs with foreign universities and international student exchange programs. After graduation, our students will be able to step into working life as well-equipped engineers with confidence.

Our students who prefer our university will benefit from the advantages arising from the strategic geographical location, rich cultural and artistic activities and natural riches of this historical city, which was the cradle of the Ottoman Empire.

As expected from a "Technical University", BTU aims to be a modern center that carries out education and R&D studies according to the needs of the industry, whose graduates are highly preferred, which has become a brand in the fields it provides education and produces solutions. You, our dear young people, who choose us, will be equipped with the latest information, developed in practice with intensive applications and internships, problem-solving, analytical thinking, self-confident, entrepreneurial and global citizens and engineers who are in high demand in the sector.

The existence and growth of our country depends on your success.

Prof. Dr. Arif KARADEMİR