Rector's Message

Dear Students

Bursa Technical University has completed its first four years. We are joyful over the prosperous development that our university as an educational institution  has shown over the last four years in accordance with our vision of becoming a research university besides being an educational institution. We carry on our work to accomplish scientific goals, develop collaboration with surrounding institutions-industry and graduate students who can meet the needs of the time being and do all this in accordance with the academic development we have planned.

Our insistence on creating a profile of academicians with wide horizons, producing projects, who deals with the prolbems of the surrounding area has been successful and our academicia have shown success in carrying our university up to higher places on the ranking list in Turkey by reaching high values in statistics through the work they have carried out such as scientific articles per person as well as production of scientific projects per person.I am certain that our students will be successful emplayees after graduating with qualifications such as high self confidence and good English knowledge which will be provided by technical visits, seminars given by people from the industry, business and academic world, joint projects and internship programs together with partners from the industry from the third year and onwards. It will make us happy to see you as our students  to benefit from your young energy in our efforts to make our university the one that our country can be proud of worldwide. 


Prof. Dr. Arif KARADEMİR